About Us

About Us

Our commitment to effective, organic skincare

At maybeauty, our journey started with one goal: Skincare that's good for you and the earth.

We were frustrated by the lack of truly organic options for beauty products. So we started to source the best ingredients, grown on organic farms in Italy with long family traditions.

And combine them in effective formulations for the best results for your skin. maybeauty is our love letter to the effectiveness and beauty of organic skincare.

The faces behind maybeauty

We are four friends from various parts of the world who came together to develop organic skincare products that meet our high standards.

Our goal was to create products that we personally love, use daily, and can wholeheartedly support.

This marks the start of an exciting journey, and we are dedicated to putting all our passion for high-quality products into creating the best skincare experience possible.

Nature & Your Skin: A Perfect Match

Nature & Your Skin: A Perfect Match

Straight from the soil

Here is where it all starts: Our organic plants and fields. Pure, natural ingredients, straight from the earth.

Picking the good stuff

In the fields, we carefully pick what goes into our products: The finest that nature has prepared for us.

From nature, for you

Premium organic skincare, designed for discerning individuals. Crafted from nature's best, ready to rejuvenate your skin. See and feel the difference with each use.

A new chapter in skincare

We're here to shake things up in the beauty industry. To prove that simple, organic ingredients can create effective skincare, delivering visible results. Products that make you excited to care for your skin.

Because at the end of the day, it's about feeling good in your skin and being excited about the little jar of magic that helps you get there.